Culturally Competent Tech Bootcamps

Papilio is a concept for roaming tech bootcamps based in neighbors with inadequate access to strong educational and employment pipelines.

Needs and Goals

  • Flexibility: Life happens. I know the the student body I was interested in may be juggling multiple jobs, as well as family responsibilities.
  • Learning Styles: Conceptualized during the pandemic, I was acutely aware of the differences between remote, in-person, and hybrid learning, and knew that a strong solution would need to account for these learning styles.
  • Community Focused: Because of my interest in social impact, I wanted to integrate a community action component to this project.
  • Career Development: It was important for me that there be a career development component, as folks growing up in blue collar areas do not have ready access to the kind of social capital that offers windows into the tech world.