InvestEd / AlGrowth

Growing your money with the power of AI.

InvestEd (also known as AlGrowth) is a concept for a financial services company and application that seeks to harness the power of AI and machine learning to manage clients’ stock portfolios automatically, with a risk tolerance that they determine they are comfortable with.

Needs and Goals

Research via surveys offered the following insights:

  • Client Age Range: 24-38 years of age.
  • Financial Literacy: Low-to-intermediate.
  • Trading Behavior: Desired mostly automated portfolio management with general risk tolerance settings. Ability to perform limited manual trades as desired.
  • Additional Feature Set: Inclusion of quick, easily digestible learning materials. Appealing UI.
  • Outside Scope + Future Development: Integration with existing brokers (Fidelity, Schwab, Vanguard, etc.).

Concept: AlGrowth

Login Screen for AlGrowth - featuring two input fields, one for email and one for password. Button to log in. Option to use FaceID to log in.

AlGrowth offers simple, cost-effective portfolio management by leveraging the power of AI.

A Simplified Experience

My goal in preparing the Portfolio Balance and Manage & Trade screens was to provide quick and simple access to the most informative data, with the novice-to-intermediate investor in mind. Large balance values, clean and uncomplicated charts, and clear markers for positive and negative trends in both the overall portfolio and in the individual stocks and ETFs is provided. Additionally, large buttons with clear strategy information (stable to aggressive) guides the user exactly to the option they seek.

Learn and Grow

Additionally, survey participants noted a desire to increase their own financial literacy from within the guardrails offered by AlGrowth. I included a simple interface that provided cards for available lessons, separated into competed and incomplete or not-yet-started lessons on various topics pertinent to personal finance.

Prototype / Wireframe

A live prototype of AlGrowth is available.