Making the web more accessible is my passion.

I have dedicated my career to improving accessibility within my organizations, and I take a multi-pronged approach.

Awareness and Training

Distilling complex accessibility requirements into digestible and actionable knowledge empowers teammates and allows them to integrate accessibility into their roles. Here is a sample of selected trainings delivered on different accessibility topics.

Training: Use of Color

Slide showing labels for parts of an airplane tail. The image is split in two, with one greyscale and the other in full color.
Sample from “Accessibility and Color” training.

In this presentation I gave an overview of the prevalence of colorblindness, WCAG’s color requirements, and some basics on how to account for contrast in visual content.

Training: Document Accessibility

Slide of document accessibility presentation, showing a cake followed by a basic outline of baking instructions with heading tags marked.
Sample from “Document Accessibility” training.

Word, PowerPoint, and Adobe PDF documents can be made accessible, with care. This training offers resources on how to own accessibility when creating documents.

Hands-On Consultation

Sample wireframe annotation (illustrative).

I have worked with UX designers and software developers alike to analyze their work in progress and annotate them for accessibility.

More on consultation.

Process Improvement

Accessibility Everywhere, The story of how we integrated accessibility into the Project Camden workflow, also known as Contract Analysis.
Title slide from “Camden Accessibility Integration” slide deck.

At Thomson Reuters I was placed on a team building a new product off of a newly launching design system. The task was to figure out how best to integrate accessibility into the UX design process, and I created a slide deck outlining how I did just that.

Testing and Remediation

Sample accessibility test report.
Sample accessibility audit entry (illustrative).

Through a combination of screen reader testing, automated testing, and simply using the keyboard alone to navigate pages, I offer thorough accessibility audits and offer recommendations for remediation.